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Methodology for the Exploration and Assessment of Multipurpose Trees (MPT´S)

edited by P. A. Huxley, J. Burley, P. J. Wood, P. J. Robinson.

[Nairobi] : ICRAF, CFI, [1984-1985]

25 vols. : ilustraciones ; 29 cm.


  • Section 1 Introduction pt. 1A. List of parts and contents/synopsis
  • pt. 1B. Introduction and general consideration
  • Section 2 Exploration pt. 2A. Methodology for the exploration and collection of MPT`S
  • pt. 2B. MPT data storage and retrieval, and lists of species
  • pt. 2C. Root nodules of leguminous trees
  • Section 3 Evaluation and assessment pt. 3A. General considerations for the evaluation of multipurpose trees
  • pt. 3B. The assessment and choice of eperimental sites
  • pt. 3C. The scope and desing of field trials (plus 2 supplements)
  • pt. 3D. Raising plants for field experiments
  • pt. 3E. Assessment methodologies
  • Section 4 Further evaluation and assessment with special reference to mixed cropping pt. 4A. Introduction (plus sepplement on MPT Mixed Cropping Trials)
  • pt. 4B. The problems of choosing appropiate species/provenances
  • pt. 4C. Optimizing tree/crop combinations
  • part. 4D. The "Tree/crop interface" approach
  • pt. 4E. Plant spacing
  • pt. 4F. Systematic desings
  • pt. 4G. Statistical tools for agroforestry research
  • pt. 4H. Bivariate analysis for intercropping experiments
  • Section 5 Specialized Techniques
  • pt. 5A. The use of controlled or modified environments
  • pt.5B. Methods for assessing rhizobia and mycorrhizas and nitrogen in plants and soil in agroforestry systems
  • pt. 5C. Herbicides for use general with MPTS
  • pt. 5D. Scientific and general purpose photography
  • Section 6 Useful topics and information pt. 6A. Economic considerations
  • pt. 6B. Understanding agroforestry systems
  • pt. 6C. Glossary of terms used in agroforestry.
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