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Handbook of plant and crop stress

edited by Mohammad Pessarakli.

3rd ed.

Boca Raton : CRC Press, ©2011.

xxx, 1215 págs. : ilustraciones ; 26 cm.

Serie: Books in soils, plants, and the environment

ISBN: 9781439813966

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  • Part I. Soil Salinity and Sodicity Problems – Part II. Plant/Crop Tolerance and Stressful Conditions – Part III. Plants and Crops Responses, Physiology, Cellular, and Molecular Biology, and Microbiological Aspects under Salt, Drought, Heat, Cold, Light, and Other Stressful Conditions – Part IV. Plant and Crop Responses to Pollution Stress – Part V. Plant and Crop Responses to Weeds, Pests, Pathogens, and Agrichemical Stress Conditions – Part VI. Genetic Factors and Plant/ Crop Genomics under Stress – Part VII. Examples of Empirical Investigations of Specific Plants and Crops Grown in Salt, Drought, and Other Environmental Stress Conditions – Part VIII. Climatic Changes, Elevated Carbon Dioxide, and Plant/Crop Responses – Part IX. Future Promises: Improving Plant and Crop Adaptation/Tolerance and Cultivation under Stressful Conditions – Part X. Beneficial Aspects of Stress
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